Let us continue to see unity and love

He fought for our freedom, he died so we can have more justice. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for what we feel we deserve, freedom of speech and peace. Not once did he say we shouldn’t be stifled by the color of our skin or nationality. Grateful for the fighting spirit of him!

I’m only going on 50, I wasn’t born or thought of when he was here. My grandma used to talk of his speeches and the March on Selma. Some people remember or recall hearing about Bloody Sunday; hence the March on Selma. Walking over the same bridge Senator John Lewis marched as well and those who were there. A sense of calm as I experienced what feelings washed over those who encountered the police, fought back and lived to tell a heroic story!!!

The horizon of what we can accomplish

Let us not forget his words and what he went through. Let us not abandon the truth and carry resentment towards our fellow man. Let’s live, love and laugh.

Stay blessed and safe! Enjoy your day y’all 🌻😘


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