Question for the day

What do you complain about the most?

For me, it’s money. Never having enough or not being able to spend what I want. Some people say it’s adulting. I don’t like it! Screaming this at 49!! It’s too late, I’m in to win it now! I’ve taught my kids that once you get out there, there’s no turning back. You can always come home, but you gotta kick in.

It’s the first of the month!!

Ok, so instead of dwelling on that, let’s look at the future. The shortest month of the year. Black History month and President’s Day. Also, do your taxes! You may get a refund or you may owe. Either way, get it done. No questions asked. Next!!!

I’m going to try to start developing courses or short courses for you my peeps. What should I do? Leave your thoughts in the comments ☺️

We can always use ways to re- anything. Redo a list, those resolutions. Revamp an old nightstand. Even recycle!

Tis the season! Not just for Christmas

So, please comment and or like. I wanna hear from you guys!

I’ll start posting more. More recipes, more than just talk and more opinions! Y’all already know ☺️ Until next time,

Love peace 🕊️ and blessings 🌸


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