The perfect day

Describe your most ideal day

What actually makes a good day? It starts with waking up of course and having good intentions. To be intentional is to give it your all. No questions and no shorts. Sometimes, we think that doing the right thing is just that. Then we see that harboring anger brings on resentment. Some fancy words for think first then act. The smart person doesn’t have to evaluate the wax and wane of emotions, they just say I’ll take the heat and go through the fire. The silly one or fool, will resent not doing at first and then regret. You can’t come out golden if you’re undecided.

You can’t be made golden if you don’t want to be shaped

GOD prepares us for all types of things coming. Pride comes before the fall, a warning before the fall. He’s always got you, but you have to be ready for what’s in store. So as your day progresses, think about what you do. The end result is usually what you’d expect. You cannot expect a different result doing the same thing. Repetition brings continuity and positivity is bred from different points.

The song will change once you change the way you hear it. Listen 👂

Once you open your eyes and take a deep breath, feet on the floor you hit the ground running. As the dawn appears and the noon day sun reaches the top of the sky, the perfect day is what you make of it. All the years that have passed. So many decades have gone forever. You can STILL reach for something new and uplifting! In the spirit of changes and transformation, let’s do it differently as we examine and ask, what makes the perfect day?

That San Diego coast! My perfect place

Choose different! Choose life and love. Until next time y’all 🌻 peace and blessings 🌅


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