Happy Memorial Day

Let’s celebrate today with feels of honor and happiness. We wouldn’t be here if someone didn’t leave home to fight for freedom. My own father, grandfather and I served in the military.

Wish a veteran happy Memorial Day today and be thankful. I am and can’t be more prouder than I am NOW πŸ‘πŸΎ

Short, sweet and to the point. Have a great start to summer 🏝️

This will be on the agenda later this summer!

Peace, blessings and hugs 🌸🐱


Happy Administration Assistant Day πŸ’πŸ’

We make the office run and run great! The boss is who they are, but we keep the ball rolling!

I’m here if you need me!

Some were born to help. Help in any way possible. I actually love to assist. I can run point on an assignment, but I chose not to. Playing the back is where I’m good at. To shine or not to shine 😁 that’s the real question ⁉️

Do I get the job done as an individual or team player? Can I get it done alone? Do I choose to go at it alone? Valid questions. Keep in mind, no man is an island.

We all have to answer to someone. Someone who asks why is this like that? Why did you do it like that? It may be validated by simplifying the problem to get to resolve.

There are already enough hands in the pot. But, who’s stirring?

Before the day is over, applaud that office assistant, admin runner or secretary. It can even be a nurse. Some do dictation/transcribe; as a former medical telephone operator, they’re AA’s to me! Keeps the doctor’s words trustworthy. You can’t dictate what’s not there!

Remember, he or she is answering the phone, pouring coffee or standing on the gap for you! Show some appreciation and love to the Administration Assistants of the world!

I love 🌷 on my desk! Here you go!

Until next time, peace and blessings 🌸 y’all ❀️

Earth 🌎 Day

As we move into the weekend, we reflect on Earth Day. A day similar to Arbor Day in my opinion. Some folks would say ‘go plant a tree 🌴’, clean up the yard or recycle ♻️

We need to do better, y’all 🌎

The Earth is crying out for our help! We weren’t put here to destroy it, but to love and cherish it as well and replenish it. Too many people, politics and BS made it the way it is now. A big blob. Some trees and flowers will help!!! Start recycling! Pick up your trash. The drains flow to Lake Mead. The lake is lowering by the day. We can’t keep treating the planet like a trash can!

I want to breathe πŸ₯Ί and live

Even though one day will not change anything, but it will show future generations that you can be a difference, be the change!

There’s only one Earth

I don’t expect to see poppies growing in your front yard or roses. I do expect you to understand that God didn’t create us to be destroyed. Love Good, love you n your planet πŸ’ž Stay blessed y’all πŸͺ»

Peace and blessings 🌸πŸͺ½

Yup, I did that!

Describe a decision you made in the past that helped you learn or grow.

Morning lovies! Another fabulous day and on 4/20! The decision I made from my past was to stop doing things that stunt my growth. Stop gossiping, being a busybody and stop procrastinating!

No time like the present, right?

When I was going to Capella to complete my Bachelor’s degree, I used to always wait until Sunday at 3pm to work on a paper that was due in like 3 hours! My poor brain would shut off and I’d shut down. I also had 3 kids; one with cancer, one with ADHD and in kinder and the oldest one wanting to be a free spirit all the time! Talk about smelling the roses!

When I had to stop and think, what if I had not organized my day and my son’s chemo appointment was moved up? What if my daughter couldn’t go to school sick because she was sick? The daytime is the time for me to do discussion posts and interact with my classmates.

Not being organized made me feel loopy and tired before the day even got going.

For them really! I’m going to do it! Later…

Once I saw that summer was fun and can be enjoyed, I stopped burning the midnight oil and got some rest and did things while the sun was up! Fast forward, it took me 9 years to get that BA in Psychology, but I did it! My son had cancer and my daughter with ADHD has graduated from high school! That oldest one is married and living in Virginia Beach.

There so worth it πŸ˜„ I’m grateful for the steadfastness of finishing and not letting nothing stop me! Keep going and you will get over what has plagued you from completing things. Goals are set to be smashed! Make them smash the hell out of them!

On vacation 2 years ago after I graduated and for Mother’s day πŸ’

Until later, peace and blessings 🌸 y’all! Have a good one on purpose πŸͺ·


It’s no April Fool’s joke! It’s me

Hey fam! I got so many ideas and thoughts coming up on the horizon! I have three jobs at my counseling office. YES, three! Intake, billing specialist and a counselor! God has blessed me with a great head on my little shoulders and I’m dishing it out to y’all!

I won’t let you guys down. I’m so grateful for my followers and readers and subscribers! I’ll rocket launch this blog soon and brand myself 🀠 AND a website for guidance and support. We can all use it. Across all spectrums.

I’m always looking for news and improvement! This photo is a goal. Keep yours please!

Nothing is out of reach. Deaths are meant to be made to come true. So, keep your head up, heels πŸ‘  on and lipstick πŸ’„ popping!! Love you guys

Until I’m here again, peace πŸ•ŠοΈ and blessings 🌸❣️

Happy Pi Day

Hi y’all. Pi, the circumference of a circle β­• equals 3.14 to infinity ♾️ and beyond. And of course, pie πŸ₯§!!!!

A calculator for you to figure out Pi…
A favorite of mine! Sweet potato 🍠

Enjoy your day and eat pie and pizza too! Deep dish, stuffed crust which ever fills your belly!

Have a great day y’all 😘 🌹πŸͺ·stay blessed

What Lent means to me

Hey y’all! As I reflect on the past week, Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday has come and gone. Now, starting today, it’s 40 days until Good Friday. Meaning, it’s time to pull back from some things. I’m going to begin reading a book while on my Lent. It’s called The 40 day Sugar Fast. It was given to me by my Pastor’s wife and we’ll do weekly zoom meetings to discuss it.

I’m hearing that Lent is antisocial and counter culture. ??? Why? Because someone wants to have more while letting The Lord work.in your life? If it’s not for you, don’t do it. That’s the way this works. Some won’t fast. Others won’t even imagine changing anytime soon. So, I’m not forcing anything on anyone. The way I see it, soon it’ll come when you have to pick a side. And IYKYK.

Look like popcorn 😍

The spiritual part of it is what I’m thinking about. The world can’t steal my joy! I can’t let nobody have it either! Sometimes, you have to stop πŸ›‘ literally just stop! OK, rant over. I’m going to go read a book. Cutting back TV too.

Love y’all! Until next time 🌸πŸͺ»πŸŒΈ

Love Day πŸŒΉπŸ’•

I love you

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! I had to work today, but my baby and my daughter decided to get me some roses and chocolate covered strawberries πŸ˜‹ they are almost gone! I thank God that I have the love of a great man! He makes sure I’m secure and straight in every aspect of my life. I usually have some anxiety about bills or the kids. He reassures me of the faith in GOD that it will be ok. So we might wing it some months, money gets funny. Or we do well and we can go out to eat on Sunday after church with everyone, and I mean all six of us!

A couple of them didn’t make the FedEx ride intact! But they were still good. The roses and the strawberries

No long drawn out blog about love and or story. Just enjoy today with your sweetie or yourself. Love is love. No matter where you find it. Good is always available for a listening ear. A gentle shoulder too. As I sign off to go to dinner, remember love is all you really need! Straight from the Father! And me!

From Kharina and Neriah, Happy Valentine’s Day πŸ˜šπŸ’•πŸ€ŸπŸΎ

Peace and blessings 🌸☺️ Until next time 😻

The perfect day

Describe your most ideal day

What actually makes a good day? It starts with waking up of course and having good intentions. To be intentional is to give it your all. No questions and no shorts. Sometimes, we think that doing the right thing is just that. Then we see that harboring anger brings on resentment. Some fancy words for think first then act. The smart person doesn’t have to evaluate the wax and wane of emotions, they just say I’ll take the heat and go through the fire. The silly one or fool, will resent not doing at first and then regret. You can’t come out golden if you’re undecided.

You can’t be made golden if you don’t want to be shaped

GOD prepares us for all types of things coming. Pride comes before the fall, a warning before the fall. He’s always got you, but you have to be ready for what’s in store. So as your day progresses, think about what you do. The end result is usually what you’d expect. You cannot expect a different result doing the same thing. Repetition brings continuity and positivity is bred from different points.

The song will change once you change the way you hear it. Listen πŸ‘‚

Once you open your eyes and take a deep breath, feet on the floor you hit the ground running. As the dawn appears and the noon day sun reaches the top of the sky, the perfect day is what you make of it. All the years that have passed. So many decades have gone forever. You can STILL reach for something new and uplifting! In the spirit of changes and transformation, let’s do it differently as we examine and ask, what makes the perfect day?

That San Diego coast! My perfect place

Choose different! Choose life and love. Until next time y’all 🌻 peace and blessings πŸŒ…

Question for the day

What do you complain about the most?

For me, it’s money. Never having enough or not being able to spend what I want. Some people say it’s adulting. I don’t like it! Screaming this at 49!! It’s too late, I’m in to win it now! I’ve taught my kids that once you get out there, there’s no turning back. You can always come home, but you gotta kick in.

It’s the first of the month!!

Ok, so instead of dwelling on that, let’s look at the future. The shortest month of the year. Black History month and President’s Day. Also, do your taxes! You may get a refund or you may owe. Either way, get it done. No questions asked. Next!!!

I’m going to try to start developing courses or short courses for you my peeps. What should I do? Leave your thoughts in the comments ☺️

We can always use ways to re- anything. Redo a list, those resolutions. Revamp an old nightstand. Even recycle!

Tis the season! Not just for Christmas

So, please comment and or like. I wanna hear from you guys!

I’ll start posting more. More recipes, more than just talk and more opinions! Y’all already know ☺️ Until next time,

Love peace πŸ•ŠοΈ and blessings 🌸