Happy Pi Day

Hi y’all. Pi, the circumference of a circle β­• equals 3.14 to infinity ♾️ and beyond. And of course, pie πŸ₯§!!!!

A calculator for you to figure out Pi…
A favorite of mine! Sweet potato 🍠

Enjoy your day and eat pie and pizza too! Deep dish, stuffed crust which ever fills your belly!

Have a great day y’all 😘 🌹πŸͺ·stay blessed


The perfect day

Describe your most ideal day

What actually makes a good day? It starts with waking up of course and having good intentions. To be intentional is to give it your all. No questions and no shorts. Sometimes, we think that doing the right thing is just that. Then we see that harboring anger brings on resentment. Some fancy words for think first then act. The smart person doesn’t have to evaluate the wax and wane of emotions, they just say I’ll take the heat and go through the fire. The silly one or fool, will resent not doing at first and then regret. You can’t come out golden if you’re undecided.

You can’t be made golden if you don’t want to be shaped

GOD prepares us for all types of things coming. Pride comes before the fall, a warning before the fall. He’s always got you, but you have to be ready for what’s in store. So as your day progresses, think about what you do. The end result is usually what you’d expect. You cannot expect a different result doing the same thing. Repetition brings continuity and positivity is bred from different points.

The song will change once you change the way you hear it. Listen πŸ‘‚

Once you open your eyes and take a deep breath, feet on the floor you hit the ground running. As the dawn appears and the noon day sun reaches the top of the sky, the perfect day is what you make of it. All the years that have passed. So many decades have gone forever. You can STILL reach for something new and uplifting! In the spirit of changes and transformation, let’s do it differently as we examine and ask, what makes the perfect day?

That San Diego coast! My perfect place

Choose different! Choose life and love. Until next time y’all 🌻 peace and blessings πŸŒ…

What the rest of the week holds

Kids gone. Hubby at work

A quiet moment away from the mundane routine.

No job, just blogging interesting stuff for y’all. Wednesdays have always been the type of day where you either eat leftovers or prepare something new. Chile, I’m torn! So, the rest of the week will hold what’s on your plate around 6pm! IDC.

Mom! What’s for dinner

Routine and lists are meant to be. We have to start at zero and continue to move forward. Hard enough, that you overslept the alarm and run late. The kids get ready on their own AND probably will wake you up for a ride to school. I hate when that happens! So go to bed earlier. Prep and plan, plan and prep. It gets old, but you’ll be successful; so they say

I love my life and thanks for reading. Next week, I want to blog about more intense stuff. It should be interesting πŸ€”πŸ€”

Stay bold πŸ˜™

Until next week lovies 🌷 stay blessed and safe πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

An empty house

I have furniture, there’s just no kids for a while!

First day of school today y’all! Yaaay πŸ‘πŸΎ but now I have a quiet, still house. My oldest daughter is here, but she graduated in May. She’s an adult now and going to work soon. As I look out my bedroom door, I don’t hear the TV on Nickelodeon or anyone asking for food! That’ll come around 345

I have 3 out of my 5 children left in school. It won’t be long until I’m at a graduation for promotion ceremony. I’m grateful for it all. So now comes meal planning and schedules for extra stuff after school. Don’t get me started on the weekends! 😳 Never a dull moment here!

I’m actually just dropping some gems and going to check the freezer for dinner tonight and tomorrow. Hugs to your kids and little ones today! Stay safe, slow down and breathe! We got 9 months to go!

Paper paper and MORE paper!!!

Until next time y’all, peace and blessings 🌻

It’s been 4 years already!

One of the best days of my life!

Hey lovies 🌷 I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m actually going out soon, gotta get ready! It’s been an incredible journey! He was my friend first and after we went our seperate ways, it was church that brought us together. I still remember when I saw him again. My heart skipped a beat. I was sweaty and everyone knew. Here we are celebrating πŸ₯³ our anniversary.

God has awesome timing! When the decision was made to return back to my old church, I wasn’t looking for anything but God. He blessed me to meet Jonathon again and we literally picked up where we left off at 12.

I didn’t think I’d be with someone and the love was all mine. He took me and my 5 children on, including his own 4, with 2 grand daughters!

Just beautiful 😻

I’m off to enjoy myself 😌 and relax! You guys enjoy the rest of your day πŸ’˜ until next time y’all peace and blessings 😘

Fun in the monsoon

Cowabunga Bay wave pool

Hey y’all! I took a much needed break to clear my head. I ended up here with my church and kids to finish out sure before school starts. Relaxing and chilling is the name of the game until August 8. After realizing I can’t be effective if I’m steady keeping score, I slowed down A LOT! Naps were made a priority.

So, now I see things in a different view and scope out the way I deal with certain people and things. I stopped letting control handle me, I gained control.

Taking a load off

My youngest daughter told me, “Mom, you have to live for today and enjoy the water.” For her to only be 9, that’s a lot of wisdom! Maybe it’s her old soul. Maybe it’s her growing with a grandmother and great grandmother in her life putting into her. I’ll take it. Sage advice.

I’m jumping back in and riding these waves! Until next time lovies, stay blessed and happy 😁✌🏾

Celebrate your freedom

Happy Independence Day!

Love, life and liberty!

What does it mean to be independent? Is it releasing, achieving? Grappling for more AND gaining it! Notice all the suffixes; -ing. Action ending! Do it and achieve it! Grapple at the thought of gaining it! It’s a never ending fountain of abundance! Get yours!

The past that has us here now, came together to create a perfect union. Some folks decided to reach out and help each other form what is now The United States. I won’t go back to school today y’all! Just saying, we’re here together. Let’s reach out to those are grappling for more! If you gain it and have more than enough, help.

It’s what The Father did for us, 2000 years ago. Way before we we’re even though of. The freedom was given and you’re free! He didn’t have to do it! Those men deciding to get along and form a country, went to the source first! AMEN

America the beautiful

As we celebrate today with family and fireworks, stay safe! Everyday is a day to be the authentic YOU! Be what you were created to be and celebrate your freedom!

Peace ✌🏾 and blessings lovies 🀩

International Joke Day πŸ˜‚

Morning jewels 🌻 what a beautiful first of July!

He keeps me smiling and laughing

Why was 6 afraid 7? Because 7 8 9! I hope I said it right!

My kids say I’m funny but not side splitting funny! I can make you smile ALL day. I can also fall back and let someone else have the floor. I’ll never be the type to get in the way of someone’s shine.

We all deserve to be happy

So thankful God wants us to laugh, enjoy life and love. Live, love, laugh my motto ✌🏾

As we draw closer to the 4th and we draw from what’s going on. Let’s celebrate our freedom and liberty πŸ—½ which should be for everyone.

I’ll close the blog with a joke…. knock knock: who’s there: Red. Red who? Red, white and blue, I LOVE YOU πŸ’“ kinda funny? It’s cute to say the least!!!!

Have a great weekend ✌🏾 and blessings!!!