I got the job!

Hey y’all! Long time no see! Anyhoo, I got the teaching job! I’m in the system to get assigned for classroom work. When I say I’m excited 😆 I totally am geeked!

Look like she speaking in tongues!

When I applied and mentioned it like 3 months ago, it was a dream. I waited for fingerprints and a background check. I prayed and started working the early elections. And right on time, like God’s plan, I got the email today that I’m finished processing!

As I transition into teaching, I’ll always stay vigilant about letting y’all know that I’m not perfect. Also, any comments or likes and dislikes help me grow! In every aspect of my lil life.

Just wanted to fill you guys in and…

Never give up!!

Love ya! Have a great rest of the week🌺😘


I’m sorry you guys Short and sweet

Hi everyone. I’ve been MIA and not writing. I’m on the verge of getting a substitute teacher position and working as PSR (psyc social rehabilitation) counselor.

Been trying to get here!

Even though it’s 2 jobs, one may outshine the other. Meaning, I may become a full time licensed teacher and work 40 hours a week. I may totally downsize and focus completely on my clients until I get my next degree and go into practice for myself. Lot of different avenues! Lot of decisions to be made.


My mind is still trying to wrap around how did I get here? Welp, you asked and received! Those 2 scenarios could play out so successfully! Fingers crossed 🤞🏿 for real. I’ll still be able to spend time with my family, no abandonment of my marriage. Nada. I make my own schedule for both jobs. So, I’ll be able to go on vacation also. What a blessing!!

I’m grateful for you guys! Thank you for reading and I’ll be back 🫶🏿✌🏾peace and love 🌷

It’s been one heckuva week

Hey y’all! It’s been a while. I know. Here in Vegas, we’ve had rain, hail and wind. Sounds like summer!

Image of palm tree getting drenched!

Living here and dealing with water droughts, bad news and the fate of the people leaves you dizzy. Strike up the violins 🎻 But do not fear! We’ve got some student loan relief!!!! I am going in the record to say…if and when they send the info about what’s been discharged, my credit score will increase. I be able to get a house with my VA loan and get a better running car! My husband won’t have to work as hard and our interest rate will be locked. Some say I shouldn’t be glad. Some say be mad that the people have to pay it back later. It’s billions! It’s so much! It’s too much too fast. Please stop ✋ we’ve been here before. Stimulus checks and extra food stamps came right on time about a year or two ago. Remember that? Some folks made TOO much money to receive the handouts and now are hollering HALT! What about the poor people that really need it?

We see that the government doesn’t mind printing money and sending it off to wars, humanitarian relief for other countries. What about US us? Our welfare system is broken and they keep it afloat by implementing welfare to work programs that people dodge to keep from working altogether. We’re paying for it. Prisoners who eat three square meals and get a warm blanket and rec time. We’re paying for it. Give ‘em the chair so we don’t have to pay for it. But we are. Who’s paying for the cocktail to injects o you can end the life? Uhhh…US!

Okay, I’m done. I’m just tired of the rat race. Tired of always protecting my view of how I stand. I wish I could get my 40 acres and a mule so I can retire! This is getting old fast. All we can do is pray for better days and that we can get through this unscathed. No argument for the people that think they’re right. Because in the end, we all have to pay it back. Keep your heads up and have a great heckuva weekend lovies 🤗🌺

Until next time, peace ☮️ and blessings

Strange horizons

Hey y’all! I’ve been MIA and loving the people I follow on WordPress! But, I must say, we are in a weather quandary.

Looking west from midtown

Monsoon season has been so gracious to Vegas. We need it! This calls for comfort food and open curtains. That’s what I’ll be doing. We haven’t seen this much rain in years.

As far as what’s happening next, us in the valley take la heart. We don’t what the skies will do with in the next few hours, we hope for downpours! Rainbows 🌈

It’s raining over there! Towards Pahrump Red Rock area

As a native, I’ve seen it come and go. Dry, dusty and hot! Wet, slick roads and floods. Be careful and mindful today. The roads can be horrible if you need to run errands in this. Know your direction and get where you need to go safely.

The word for today is slow. Slow down, be kind and stay dry.

Until next time lovies, peace ✌️ and blessings 🌷🌷

What the rest of the week holds

Kids gone. Hubby at work

A quiet moment away from the mundane routine.

No job, just blogging interesting stuff for y’all. Wednesdays have always been the type of day where you either eat leftovers or prepare something new. Chile, I’m torn! So, the rest of the week will hold what’s on your plate around 6pm! IDC.

Mom! What’s for dinner

Routine and lists are meant to be. We have to start at zero and continue to move forward. Hard enough, that you overslept the alarm and run late. The kids get ready on their own AND probably will wake you up for a ride to school. I hate when that happens! So go to bed earlier. Prep and plan, plan and prep. It gets old, but you’ll be successful; so they say

I love my life and thanks for reading. Next week, I want to blog about more intense stuff. It should be interesting 🤔🤔

Stay bold 😙

Until next week lovies 🌷 stay blessed and safe 🙌🏾

An empty house

I have furniture, there’s just no kids for a while!

First day of school today y’all! Yaaay 👍🏾 but now I have a quiet, still house. My oldest daughter is here, but she graduated in May. She’s an adult now and going to work soon. As I look out my bedroom door, I don’t hear the TV on Nickelodeon or anyone asking for food! That’ll come around 345

I have 3 out of my 5 children left in school. It won’t be long until I’m at a graduation for promotion ceremony. I’m grateful for it all. So now comes meal planning and schedules for extra stuff after school. Don’t get me started on the weekends! 😳 Never a dull moment here!

I’m actually just dropping some gems and going to check the freezer for dinner tonight and tomorrow. Hugs to your kids and little ones today! Stay safe, slow down and breathe! We got 9 months to go!

Paper paper and MORE paper!!!

Until next time y’all, peace and blessings 🌻

It’s been 4 years already!

One of the best days of my life!

Hey lovies 🌷 I’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m actually going out soon, gotta get ready! It’s been an incredible journey! He was my friend first and after we went our seperate ways, it was church that brought us together. I still remember when I saw him again. My heart skipped a beat. I was sweaty and everyone knew. Here we are celebrating 🥳 our anniversary.

God has awesome timing! When the decision was made to return back to my old church, I wasn’t looking for anything but God. He blessed me to meet Jonathon again and we literally picked up where we left off at 12.

I didn’t think I’d be with someone and the love was all mine. He took me and my 5 children on, including his own 4, with 2 grand daughters!

Just beautiful 😻

I’m off to enjoy myself 😌 and relax! You guys enjoy the rest of your day 💘 until next time y’all peace and blessings 😘

Leaving July behind

Constant flow of energy and light. Never ending

Summer is still here and the weather has its fun! We were hit with monsoon weather for the past week. The kids enjoy huddling together to watch a movie or play a board game as the wind howls like Halloween ghosts outside. Let me slow down, soon I’ll be blogging about Fall! The week has been very interesting!

Leaving Henderson heading north on the 95. Wednesday

We need the rain! Someone needs to win the lottery! We all could use a break! Also, as we peel back the calendar to August in a couple of days, I’m renewed and refreshed! I did THIS today ⬇️⬇️

It’s ALL gone!

To improve my chances of growing a full head of hair with Graves’, I decided to start over. My husband was in agreement 🤝 and my son was the first of my kids to see it! He said wow Mom! Go Mom 😃 Trust, you guys get ALL the tea ☕ first, steaming with lemon!

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend lovies 🌷 until next time y’all stay blessed and safe 🙌🏾 and remember, YOU have to love you first then pour into others!