What Lent means to me

Hey y’all! As I reflect on the past week, Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday has come and gone. Now, starting today, it’s 40 days until Good Friday. Meaning, it’s time to pull back from some things. I’m going to begin reading a book while on my Lent. It’s called The 40 day Sugar Fast. It was given to me by my Pastor’s wife and we’ll do weekly zoom meetings to discuss it.

I’m hearing that Lent is antisocial and counter culture. ??? Why? Because someone wants to have more while letting The Lord work.in your life? If it’s not for you, don’t do it. That’s the way this works. Some won’t fast. Others won’t even imagine changing anytime soon. So, I’m not forcing anything on anyone. The way I see it, soon it’ll come when you have to pick a side. And IYKYK.

Look like popcorn 😍

The spiritual part of it is what I’m thinking about. The world can’t steal my joy! I can’t let nobody have it either! Sometimes, you have to stop πŸ›‘ literally just stop! OK, rant over. I’m going to go read a book. Cutting back TV too.

Love y’all! Until next time 🌸πŸͺ»πŸŒΈ


Taking a break

Afternoon y’all. I didn’t post yesterday, another thyroid storm. The rain didn’t help and I really just stayed at home yesterday. So, I’ll be back with more stuff and more interesting πŸ€”πŸ§ things to blog about!!!

Weathering the storm…

Short and sweet for my lives as y’all continue to pray for me; as I pray for you guys too.

Until next time, peace and blessings 😌

When you done all you can do, you stand!

Morning lovies! Mid-week and monsoon season here in Vegas.

Out the window at the eye doctor

With the holiday past us, I’m breathing new air! Not to relish on it, but my dad would be proud! I have opportunities coming up and my family will be amazed! I’ll let y’all know of course.

The weather change brings changes of all sorts. Here in the 🏜️ desert, the tortoise 🐒, birds of prey get closer to humans. They engage with us for more secure shade and food.

It also brings heat and slick roads! The freeway stay with the emergency vehicles on the side! I’m waiting for September like..😁 school, cooler weather AND football 🏈

Amazingly beautiful skies on the way and staying in the house. Just leave for errands. Don’t get your hair wet. Keep the kids covered. Get the rain guarantee for the car wash. So many things to do! When you’ve done all you can, just stand. Stand STILL!

Be STILL and know that I am GOD

Enjoy the hump 🐫 day fam! Peace ✌🏾 and blessings

Writing from under the hairdryer

Evening lovies. So relaxing to have a few minutes to myself. I’m getting my monthly color and perm touch-up and I think about how I can make the transition beautiful back to reality when I’m done.

Under construction πŸš§πŸ—οΈ

Not too be full of flowers and peace vibes, but I needed THIS! Remember readers, it’s the 43rd death anniversary of my Father, brother and grandpa. I’m feeling pretty melancholy today. But, this is so uplifting! The finished product will be beautiful! I’ll show y’all!

Between the Graves’ disease, Father’s Day and just plain old aging, I’m worn out. THANK YOU GOD for the spa!

I’ll post a picture when I’m done on my site! It’ll be worth it. Just like waiting on the LORD for an answer, it’s worth the wait. Until later lovies, stay blessed and happy 😁 ✌🏾

It’s Friday y’all!

Snoopy always sets the mood! Peanuts.

Where to start…address the elephant in the room. If you watched television last night and didn’t turn your TV afterwards, you seen the trial. Even a glimpse, knowing what could be said and was.

While I cooked dinner, my 14 year old son came in the kitchen. I asked him if he remembered when the incident happened to bring us to a time such as this. His reply was “yes.” His face was blank. His arms weren’t crossed. Just “yeah.”

A typical replay from a teenage boy. I’ll accept! The tone of the room on TV was so somber. Words we’re spoken for the love of country. The value of freedom. Casualties of clash, heartfelt condolences and anguish to be proven right. Man…

So, since say got said, we move on. Until next week. But for now, it’s as if we’re waiting to exhale. Let the breath out!!


We’ll wait…until then, it’s Friday baby!!! Enjoy what you have! Hug your kids, kiss your husband! Kiss your wife! Life is for the living and it starts today!!!


Stay cool and awesome y’all! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens YOU!!!!

How I’m living with Graves disease

I heard of it, but never thought it would affect ME.Β  I am a type 2 diabetic and have a family history of it. I also have high blood pressure and heart disease. Seems like something that Afro-American women are immuned too. I lost my grandma to type 2. So, let’s get into how I’m handling this beast.

I felt sluggish, a lot

I thought it was the diabetes or pre-menopause; since I’m 48.5. Until I had a work-up of blood lab work and seen the bulge, my doctor said, ‘let’s just watch it’. Then he passed away. An awesome general practitioner who also diagnosed my type 2 about 4 years ago. He also had me go see a specialty eye doctor since glaucoma ran in my family; and yes, I have that too. If I don’t take care of myself, it can develop into thyroid eye disease and my eyes will start bugling as well! WHEWWW!! Lord, take this wheel!!!

So, I’ve always been a fit woman and joined the Navy at 18. That kick started my journey for the last 30 years. A long time and I felt I can still do the exercising I wanted without deflating my joy for waking up early. NOPE. I felt so wiped out, that my kids, thank God they are self sufficent, got themselves up for school and would just kiss my sweaty forehead as I slept silently in the morning. ALL alarms were snoozed and I missed out on key AM mantras I had set for myself and felt like I had drank too much the night before.

Recently, my nurse practitioner seen my neck this past April. He sent me for a radioactive iodine uptake (RAU). I had too much in my system and BAM! I have Graves’ disease. Now, I’m not down or anything. I feel good knowing what’s really wrong. It’s not even my diabetes that got me feeling like i just walked off stage from dancing! Wiped out!

Thyroid Storm AND it doesn’t clear up right away

I had what they call a thyroid storm the other day. I didn’t tell my husband or family because I didn’t know what had happened! Saturday morning I had woke up as usual and wasn’t sweaty. Weird…I’m always sweaty. Thanks type 2! So I thought. A thyroid storm is when everything inside is moving faster; rapid heartbeat, fast pulse, maybe higher blood pressure and can send you into shock. Anyway, my day was a mess until like 7pm. Me and my husband had a disagreement on going somewhere, my oldest was here for her sisters’ graduation and I didn’t want to make her vacation miserable. So, I muddled through text fighting with him until I just stopped and we made up. When he got home from the outing, I told him about the storm I had. He hugged me so tight, I burped! LOL

I’m on anti-thyroid medication and watch what I eat. I try, keyword try, to get out of bed and start my day the way I used to. My morning mantras are becoming easier to do and I’m beginning yoga. Weight loss was not an issue and I just want to be healthy! Due to my hyperthyroidism, I got to my weight back to boot camp size; 149 and before the babies started.

Listen to your body and do a once over everu now and then. Keep doctor appointments and last but not leasr, ASK ASK ASK questions! Speak up! It’s your body and your family needs you around. Thanks ya’ll! Any questions, hit me up! I’m on Pinterest, queenc2u or just comment. Be blessed Peace

Because of them, I live!

New week, fresh opportunities

Hey y’all! Mondays bring fresh ideas and a new set of days to achieve anything you want! We recall the weekend and relish for more hours in the day. We can’t wait to see Wednesday, drag through Thursday until quitting time on Friday!

Even on a Wednesday!

I’m getting ahead of myself, but midweek can still be awesome 😎 new things are always on the horizon. Daily affirmations lay out how your day might go. Reassuring that everything is for you to have, you’ll get your blessings. Looking forward to getting to work on time, begins at rising. I’m not saying it’s ALL good 😊 ALL the time or always. I’m just saying if you desire it and manifest it, it’s yours!

You can have it ALL

The little things matter most. That one thing that held you back can make you look past the forest for the trees! Manifesting…aww… another post coming!

So, let’s have an awesome and productive week! Let’s look to Wednesday morning as a benchmark to say upon rising, what can I do today to reach my destiny? Sounds like a lot huh? Nope. Ask and it shall be given. Have a blessed week, lovies 🀩

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